By far the best experience I’ve had dealing with builders/building reports and inspections.

Travis was very friendly, kind, respectful (I was working from home and they made a massive effort not to disturb during my meetings) and all round good genuine people to deal with.

Me being an amateur in the arts or building, asked many questions and all my questions were welcomed and answered clearly, detailed in their comprehensive report and …the best part.. could ask them further for ideas on how to remediate any maintenance issues.. too good and just fantastic!

They provided me with a full list of prioritised maintenance items as to where to focus my attention. This is invaluable and is going to save me so much $$ as I now know exactly where to focus my time and energy.

I could clearly tell that they both have a passion for problem solving and have applied that to turning houses into quality homes.

I would highly recommend CPRNZ! Quick report turnaround and very high quality and detailed work.