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When you are purchasing a new home, there undoubtedly are going to be parts that will need maintenance and renovations. However, how do you know what to renovate first and what you could leave for a later date? CPRNZ offers a maintenance report which details all the areas that will need attention in your new home in priority order. Instead of spending money on renovations that may be unnecessary, with our maintenance report, you can target a part of the house that is damaged. Don’t jump into renovations without getting an expert opinion, as this will likely be costly in the long run!

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Get in touch with Comprehensive Property Reports New Zealand to find out the areas in your new home that need attention. Our reports are competitively priced and easy to understand to help you make informed decisions with your property! Maximise your property with our friendly team today!

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Check out one of our sample reports you will receive with our thorough inspections.

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