Walkthrough Inspection

Learn about what to look for by coming with us on an initial walk through inspection.

Why pay someone to show you something you can see yourself?

We would rather you spend less money to find out something is wrong with a property and teach you how to identify those warning signs.

This will mean that when you have found that house that you can see yourself in you don’t pay more than absolutely necessary to make it your home.

Our role is to provide you peace of mind about the things only years of Industry Experience and specialist equipment can identify.

What is a walkthrough inspection?

A walk through inspection is typically one of the last things that is done before signing and taking possession of a property. However, at CPR (Comprehensive Property Reports) we believe that it can be useful at the start of a buying or selling process because of their educational value, especially for people are dealing with their very first property transaction.

The educational experience of our walk through inspection enables inexperienced people to immediately get a sense of the ‘system requirements’ of maintaining the property and what the key areas they need to pay attention to prior to soliciting a more thorough inspection.

By using CPR to do a walk through inspection with you when you are at the first stage of seriously considering a property, you can identify obvious red flags before spending more money to look for hidden issues. There’s no point spending any extra money to look for hidden issues if there are already obvious signs that the property is going to cost more than your expected budget allows.

At CPR, we know this approach is counter to what most property inspection firms have as their business model. Instead of encouraging you to pay a larger sum to find potential issues in every property you are considering, we will do an initial walk through inspection with you, so that you can get a great insight into the property and only invest in a more robust inspection once you are satisfied with the fundamentals.

Why work with CPR?

At CPR, we know that buying a property is an adventure that is both as exciting as it is scary, especially if it’s your first time. There are always hidden risks involved in buying a new property, and using a professional inspection service is essential before you sign.

Why CPR is different:

We offer 2-man inspections, delivering 2 unique reports at no extra cost. Both professional reports are combined to eliminate overlap and give you the most informative document possible when it comes to a property’s condition.

We provide highly-visual, easy-to-understand reports that are delivered within 24 hours of the inspection taking place. They are also mobile-friendly, making them easy to read wherever you are.

We are highly experienced and have worked in and around all elements of property construction and maintenance. We’ve seen it all and can identify issues incredibly fast.

We don’t want to charge you an arm and a leg just to see if a property is worth investment or not. This is why we encourage you to take advantage of our early walk through inspections so that you benefit from hands-on education about the property and decide from there if you want to invest in a more detailed property report prior to purchase (We offer full Pre-purchase Property Inspections too!)


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