12/10 Recommend! I don’t place to much weight on reviews and have never actually written one, however, I was so blown away by CPRNZ I have been making it my mission to let anyone requiring a builder’s inspection/report to use CPRNZ and not anyone else.
First of all, I have never received such great customer service! CPRNZ was incredibly helpful and responsive. I was blown away by the report as a previous report on the same property which had been done by the owners had little to know real information. Not only was the report comprehensive in its general assessment, it highlighted why there were issues and what the actual condition should be. I found this helpful as don’t speak house and would otherwise probably not know what I was looking at.The report was turned around unbelieveably quickly which was perfect as the house buying process can generally be quite tight.
Overall, I was simply blown away by the service and thoroughness of CPRNZ and I would highly recommend them to anyone. There is clearly alot of love and pride in what they do and that it not hard to find. Take it from someone who is never bothered to write reviews, use CPRNZ 🙂